Manicure Pedicure Station


Manicure Pedicure Station

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What is it?
The manicure- pedicure station was designed for general maintenance of natural nails, artificial nails, and pedicures. It comes with a variety of tools often used by professional technicians and will allow you to achieve salon-quality results at home or while traveling. Use with rechargeable batteries supplied or plug directly into the electrical outlet for a power boost.

The station kit contains: Trimming Disk, Foot Cone, Tapered Cone, Felt Buffing Cone, Emery Barrel, Circular Brush, Mandrel, 6 sanding bands, diamond cone.

What makes it special?
A variety of different tools to help you get that in salon service at home.
Can be used with batteries or electricaly outlet.
Portable nail drill for at home use.


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